MSNBC’s Systemic Bias & Express Advocacy

Direct Ties Between MSNBC & Joe Biden 

Undisclosed Biden Advisor: MSNBC Medical Analyst Dr. Vin Gupta 

Excerpt: MSNBC is being criticized for not disclosing links between the Joe Biden presidential campaign and one of the channel’s medical contributors, who has made dozens of on-air appearances during the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to NewsBusters, Dr. Vin Gupta has appeared on NBC News ten times and on MSNBC a whopping 31 times between July 15 and Sept. 15. However, neither station has disclosed Gupta’s ties to the Democratic candidate on their air. 

CNBC reported in January that Gupta had “worked as a volunteer advisor for Joe Biden’s ‘Biden for President’ group.” Last month, the medical news outlet MedPage Today reported that Gupta would be under consideration for the post of Surgeon General in a Biden administration. 

Despite this, viewers likely only know Gupta as a “global health policy expert” and an “MSNBC medical contributor.” 

Source: Fox News, “MSNBC called out for failing to disclose medical analyst’s ties to Biden campaign on the air” 9/22/2020 

USJF is supporting a legal Complaint against MSNBC and the Biden campaign for MSNBC’s failure to qualify for exemption from political regulations as no longer a “bona fide news organization” and illegal coordination of corporate in-kind support.  The Complaint is identified as “Matter Under Review” or “MUR 7919.”


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