Biden-China Report

This report identifies how the Chinese Communist government has effectively influenced 
former Vice President Joe Biden’s foreign policy with the People’s Republic of China via 
favorable business deals for Biden’s son Hunter.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has adopted the most pro-China foreign policy in U.S. history, routinely praising the Chinese Communist government and siding with China against U.S. workers in trade and economic policy.

The Chinese Communist government has returned the favor from Joe Biden by providing his son, Hunter, with lucrative business deals and exclusive access to favorable agreements. Similar examples of blatant pay-to-play corruption have landed U.S. companies in violation of anti-corruption laws. Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.S. companies and individuals are banned from paying bribes to foreign officials to
secure international agreements or business deals.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has stolen a page directly from the Chinese Communist playbook for anointing princes.

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