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3 thoughts on “Election Integrity Task Force

  1. I have just discovered the US Justice Foundation and its election fraud task force. It came via a request for money by mail. I believe you are doing a great service for our Country at a time of great need. This issue is of immense importance and will determine the outcome if the Dominion machines are used, and nothing is done to stop mail in voting. Why are we not training people to monitor every polling district, and to demand the use of proper voting machines? There are only four months left! We need to get ready.

  2. stop supporting tyranny. start supporting freedom by linking to free information flow sites like Rumble, gettr, gab, frankspeech. stop supporting twitter, facebook, google or twitter. be accountable, not a part of the problem

  3. election integrity task force phone number, please? Complaint Hawaii is doing all mail voting. Start voting today July 25 until Election Day August 13, 2022 Primary. This is fraud , not one-day election!!! Please stop this. Please give your contact phone number to me, and phone me regular voice phone, no cell phone, no text.

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